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Bring and retain customers to your very own e-commerce brand whilst providing lower delivery costs for both you and your customers utilizing a perfected management system. Thanks to our advanced algorithms, you will be able to maintain short ETAs while scaling, all of which results to a better user experience and higher retention rate.

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Automated Order Collection System

 A branded e-commerce website, mobile apps and a dedicated text bot created with pure precision in order to get customers on board with utter ease, doing the best to help you focus on expanding your business.

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Management system

Easily monitor every order, manage your catalog inventory, set up permissions, track deliveries in real time, and more - everything you need for a flawless operation.

Customers Support Center

A dedicated support center platform for your agents in order to help customers in the quickest and most efficient way.

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Inventory Ops

Manage your inventory on the go conveniently and effectively whilst providing immediate updates for your customers.

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Delivery Ops

A state-of-the-art delivery tasked based app generated to minimize personnel whilst increasing efficiency in delivery ETA’s. Intertwined with the most advanced GPS systems.

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An organized formation of all the relevant data coming from your business, clear and reliable like never before whilst allowing customization of your choice. Analyze performance, measure success and start making decisions for the future.

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