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Simple & transparent pricing

A starting monthly fee & price per order will get you full access to our platform as well as other benefits.


We grow as you grow

Our entire platform and 'know how' is for you to use for a $2 fee on every completed order.


This minimal fee includes full access to our Mobile Inventory, Delivery iOS & Android Apps, a fully branded store front and full access to your very own admin management software where you'll be able to conduct your own symphony with pure ease.

Price may differ between countries, if you are out side the US contact us to get a more cost that fits you operation location

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Our customer support tool differs, please contact us for further details in regards to your requirements and we'll be sure to set up the best plan for you.

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Image by Jason Goodman

Ridiculously friendly customer care

On-premises implementation & training is our expertise so we'll be sure to stick by you until all platforms are running smoothly.

Our support specialists are available 24/7 to answer any question you may have or simply for a beneficial consult.

Contact us to get your business on wheels today!

We'll be happy to show you a demo of how your business will benefit from Lazzy’s solutions. To receive a free of charge assessment and quote simply request a demo below.

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