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Options of delivery make a big difference for consumers, here’s how Lazzy is able to offer it all

More and more online retailers are pursuing extremely short delivery time with a belief that it will be a crucial source of revenue. For example, Amazon is developing drones to deliver goods within 30 minutes after placing their orders online. On a daily report that we conducted,334 out of 1,479 of our daily orders were delivered under the 30 minute time range for an organization that requested on-demand delivery. Luckily enough, our options vary between Super Fast orders to Scheduled, allowing the brand or organization to choose between their preference of delivery. The idea is to have a system that allows flexibility and is immuned to various locations and additional components.

An experiment questioning the importance of Super Fast delivery that took place in The National Chiayi University, Taiwan, revealed that shoppers don’t always necessarily prefer shorter delivery times. The interviewees throughout the research reported that the average delivery time from their personal shopping experience is 3-4 days and 1-2 days is short enough when they need shorter delivery time. However, rather than focusing on the general argument of cost vs speed, it is important to recognize that customer preference depends on the specific scenario, industry or customer type. For example, it has been found that millennial and Gen Z populations care significantly more about shipping time than the general population. As these younger age groups increasingly fill the market, shipping time becomes a more important factor.

According to google trends, volumes for “2-day shipping” and for “same-day delivery” show the urgency for speedy deliveries increases the week before Christmas, when buyers are under pressure to purchase gifts for their loved ones. In these specific circumstances, buyers are likely to sacrifice shipping costs in favor of delivery speed.

  • 62% of consumers say fast shipping speed defines a positive experience (eMarketer)

  • 55% of consumers will switch retailers for faster delivery (Capgemini)

  • 61% of consumers want their orders delivered faster ( retail Touch Points)

Within today’s market, companies are educating the market for a Super Fast delivery that isn’t necessarily cost effective for them in the long run. That’s exactly why we’ve implemented options of delivery that remain dynamic and flexible depending on several different factors such as geographic locations and purchase habits. So, whether or not you need your new air fryer in just 30 minutes or prefer to pay a smaller delivery fee and wait a few days, providing companies and consumers the option of choice, is ideal because hey, why have one type of cake when you can have two.

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