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Lazzy Never Stops Improving

We’re constantly working around the clock to refine and advance our system so we ask you kindly, do not confuse our Lazzy for laziness. We’re enhancing our platform everyday, so here’s a list of just some of the features our team has developed and implemented in our system recently. You too could enjoy and benefit from these features with no additional cost whatsoever, forever:

Referral programs, referral fraud detection, supporting multiple pickup locations, store filters, monitoring order cancellation reasons, search & sort, order balancing, postponing orders, campaigns, brand new FAQ’s, zone redirections, clients affiliation program, Lazzy API v.1, full stock audit, hub level support, zone health and statuses alerts, constant infrastructure updates and, well, a whole lot more (we prefer not to boast all that much)…

We're evolving into the best version of ourselves every day, utilizing automation and brewing the best features for everyone on board. Want more information or prefer to simply hear more to find out if Lazzy suits you? Feel free to contact us anytime, we know that we can bring the best of Lazzy to you and all your needs!

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