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Delivery ETA longer than you expected? Why not go pick it up yourself?

We’re all quite familiar with ordering online, receiving our goods (most of the time) directly to our doorstep but that often takes time and additional costs. Given that some of us need those same goods almost immediately or don’t necessarily want to spend cash on delivery fees, a great alternative would be going to pick it up yourself. In-store pickup is an easy and convenient alternative for customers to receive their order from a location of choice without having to wait for delivery or having to invest time in shopping on site. Although on site shopping is still necessary for stores hoping to enhance the relationship with their customers, in-store pickup still allows customers during in-store pick up to browse and purchase additional items when picking up their order that was placed online.

Providing the option for in-store pickup allows customers to choose between the standard or express delivery option for the stay-at-home order experience to saving an extra few dollars and gaining a stroll outside to the local pickup station. Customers don’t always necessarily want to pay an extra fee with their order therefore giving the option of saving the cost benefits all parties involved. According to Microbiz, 45.6% of buyers are more likely to buy from an online retailer if free delivery is included so you can only imagine the perks of having in-store pickup available. Just as well, allowing flexibility is key to the ultimate online shopping experience. One of the many benefits to in-store pickup is that the customer is no longer limited to a delivery window time that can often be challenging to modify. With in-store pickup, the customer can pick up the order at any time within a longer time window evidently allowing more flexibility.

According to the Baymard Institute, additional costs such as taxes and unexpected delivery fees are the number one cause for online shopping cart abandonment. This is exactly where in-store pickup can come to the rescue with providing customers a variety of fair options that eventually lead to stable online sales rates. More-so, allowing customers to pick up their order independently, saves the risk of them being unsatisfied with the content of the order. With providing the option of in-store pick up, the customer can validate that the order is in fact what they requested, evidently saving on any exchange or returns process.

Brands that choose to allow the option of in-store pickup benefit from the outcome all the same as the customers. The choice of independent pick up can be utilized easily using already existing resources, requires fewer resources than delivery and relies less on third party providers than the standard delivery method. Providing customers with convenience and saving extra fees, can undoubtedly increase the brand's image amongst its client base and build a long-term relationship between both parties. So, with brands enabling in-store pickup now more than ever before, the main focus should be on scaling up and optimizing the time window provided and the convenience of the experience. Lazzy’s in-store pick up option has allowed brands to provide an ultimate user experience with pure transparency and flexibility, evidently leading to growing success rates.

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