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7 unconventional items that can be delivered through the mail

Whether you’ve heard of the two baby donkeys that got delivered in 2017 or the babies that were shipped in the early 20th century, it goes without saying that options of delivery are only multiplying and with it, the variety of items that are being delivered.

A house

Get this, people are now able to get full homes delivered to their location! Yep, you heard right, actual houses. Modular homes are now being delivered by transporting the modules using special carriers, semi-trailers or tow trucks including all necessary materials such as roofing, windows and doors. Take in mind that these modular homes can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months to be delivered so make sure you’re planning your future home accordingly!

Oil Rig

That’s right, you can get a 2000m mounted drilling rig with up to a year warranty. A drilling rig drive can be divided into mechanical drive, alternating current drive, direct current drive, compound drive and other forms. Go ahead, your 10-year-old would be thrilled with one of those.

Slip on hands for chickens

Yep, you heard right, not chicken wings, chicken HANDS. This slip-on accessory will make all your chicken’s dreams come true.

*Image retrieved from Amazon


The option set foot when hardware stores wanted to get drones out for delivery as fast as possible over the December holiday rush. So, it seems that not only can you get the flying gadgets delivered to your door, they’re also becoming the next option for couriers for delivery operations, talk about win-win.

CBD for pets

Did the dog eat your homework, again?! Never fear, CBD is here. But seriously, certified CBD infused doggy treats are the latest source of pet food you can get delivered straight to your doorstep. The pet CBD treats & products are made from hemp oil extracted from hemp farms in the United States, and are said to effectively treat common health challenges amongst pets.


Not sure what to get your Mom for her birthday? Why not a tin of uranium (obviously)? Uranium is a chemical element with the symbol U and atomic number 92, it will most likely be delivered in a small tin case containing a small amount or Uranium Ore.

*Image retrieved from Amazon

Just about anything

In continuation to all the items listed above, we’re here to state the (not so) obvious and mention that you can get just about anything delivered. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, choose a dynamic delivery operation system, such as Lazzy, that will happily partner with you in order to get that unconventional inventory delivered, in no time. Be sure to reach out to us to hear more.

So, whether it’s a pair of shoes or a dinosaur, it seems that when it comes to delivery operations, the sky's the limit.

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