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This is Us

Formed late 2018 and funded in early 2019, Lazzy is the result of several years of dedication, diverse experience with numerous users, technologies and different industries. Our Co-founders, Sagi Shaman and Nir Kalfon, are professional, highly-trained techies with an impressive track record of millions of app downloads, thousands of users and initiating great ideas.

Lazzy has created cutting edge solutions for on-demand delivery for businesses that have yet to utilize a delivery system, until now. We've proven the success of our heavily thought out technology with our first client in the US, delivering even greater success rates than expected. Presently, we are distributing hundreds of deliveries per day and our numbers speak for themselves - shorter delivery ETA’s than ever before, high retention rate, equitable conversion rate, and low cancellation rate. In the nearby future, we are set to expand amongst several additional industries and continue increasing our client portfolio.


Lazzy’s vision is to put every business on wheels - making every delivery operation faster, smarter, cheaper, inventory conscientious whilst providing efficient user-friendly platforms for both the company and its clients. Dynamic Delivery is the future, it’s what’s fitted to our world, and we are here to help businesses easily adapt to it.



We’re looking for innovative talents to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi
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