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Your business on wheels

Cutting edge solution for on-demand delivery


Lazzy designs, develops, and deploys small to enterprise scale delivery technology solutions for companies who need to integrate or expand their delivery operations over multiple internet channels including phone, web, mobile web, and mobile applications.


Unique Dynamic Delivery System

Using a unique, state of the art dynamic delivery model, we've succeeded in significantly minimizing delivery ETA down to minutes. Finally, a substantial solution to the challenge of last mile delivery!

traditional delivery

Traditional Delivery

In addition to all that we've got going on, Lazzy is also ideal for traditional delivery models. With Lazzy, new orders are collected and queued for packing and delivery in an efficient and flexible way that suites your needs.

Multiple Challenges, One Solution

Lazzy’s solution encompasses every aspect of delivery for a business: customer experience, apps, web portals for delivery drivers and inventory handlers, operations staff, management, all built on one platform that lets you scale rapidly and easily.


Automated Order Collection System with a fully integrated ecommerce solution


Managing your operations, inventory, deliveries and staff has never been easier


End to end Delivery experience with live updates at every step

Clear insights

Optimize your operations, reduce costs, and increase sales with insightful data about your business.

Smarter, Faster, Simpler

Contact us today to give your business wheels with Lazzy’s on-demand delivery platform

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